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AmeriFab Industries is a manufacturers support facility located in Elbow Lake Minnesota along Interstate 94 between Minneapolis Minnesota and Fargo North Dakota. We provide manufacturers with help from design to manufacturing and assembly. Please feel free to browse our site and get to know us. If you have any further questions, comments or wish to request a quote, you may find our phone, fax and e-mail information on our contact page.

Take a look to see how we can assist in your design requirements. Also read what a few of our customers have to say about our design services.
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Mission Statement:

AmeriFab Industries, Inc. is a manufacturing support facility dedicated to assisting manufacturers meet and exceed their goals and customer expectations.

Vision Statement:

To work in partnership with our customers to deliver relevant and effective products and services which establishes AmeriFab Industries, Inc. as an innovative partner offering leadership, quality and choice to it’s customers and employee’s.

Quality Statement:

AmeriFab Industries, Inc.’s quality policy is to deliver on time products and services that meet and exceed customer expectations. To do this we implement quality systems and processes that are continually improving to satisfy the customers changing requirements.

Values Statement:

  1. Integrity – We strive for the highest degree of integrity and fairness in our interactions and transactions with each other, our customers, our suppliers and all others.
  2. Customers – Customer requirements drive our business direction and with our values in mind, we must do what it takes to meet them.
  3. Employees – We maintain a constant commitment to the security, safety, satisfaction and quality of life for our employees and their families. We expect our employees to take pride in their work, work effectively, work as a team and provide a constructive open minded attitude.
  4. Value – High levels of quality and service for the price are essential to our customers and our success.
  5. Quality & Improvement – We are committed to innovation and continuous improvement in all we do. We encourage free thinking, creativity and suggestions to new or better processes, products or services.
  6. Public Responsibility – We act with respect and responsiveness to the needs of our local and global communities and to our environmental responsibilities.
  7. Profitability – Our goal is to provide a return on investment for our shareholders. We think and invest for the long term giving less importance to the short term financial impact of our decisions.

AmeriFab Industries, Inc. is an active member of Tri-State Manufacturers’ Association (TSMA), and Midwest Manufacturers’ Association (MMA).

TSMA Web site: http://www.tsma.org

MMA Web Site: http://www.midwestmfg.org

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